Quick intro: I’m an award-winning writer and digital marketer who is desperately clinging onto my early to mid twenties. This, very obviously, is my blog which also doubles as my professional sounding board, hence the narcissistic URL.

Long spiel: I’m Lisa Sills, Managing Editor of 256 Media and a writer of YA fiction.

I specialise in content creation and copywriting, though I’m pretty handy at social media, SEO, and brand strategy too. If you work in this industry and describe yourself as either a.) a brand evangelist or b.) a guru, please leave and never come back.

In college, I studied TV and Media Production, and graduated after three years with a 1.1 degree and a distaste for black and white films. I learned my trade in a whole bunch of internships, the most high-profile as Content Coordinator with the SDGI for its annual event Digital Biscuit. Since June, I’ve been with 256 Media, following a 14 month stint with the (sadly) now-defunct Brave Media.

When I’m not in work, I enjoy long walks on the beach, candle-lit—wait, this isn’t Tinder. My hobbies are pretty standard. Things I love include: Harry Potter, terrible reality TV shows, Fantasy Football, online gaming, writing, digital media, the advertising world, and reading.

Expect me to talk about marketing, digital media, and my epic fails in being a real writer/blogger.

I tweet a lot. Catch me here.