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23 reasons why my cat is evil (a thesis)

evil cat

In January, I got a cat. His name is Ollie. He is evil.

Here’s why.

1. Dead things. Dead things everywhere

cat hates me

“Here is a mouse I have lovingly prepared for you.”

My housemates sent me this photo while I was having after-work drinks. Thanks, guys.

2. He screams at three in the morning for attention

Kiddo can make decibels when he wants to.

3. Looking for attention but then “love biting”

If this is a sign of love, I no longer want affection in my life.

evil cat

Owning a cat summed up in three photos.

4. The cat-level-intense staring

Why are you staring at me like that, Oliver?

Like there’s intense, and then there’s intense.

5. The neighbourhood drams

Oliver is currently the whipping boy of the massive fat ginger cat who lives next door. This ginger bastard once sauntered into our garden, looked into our kitchen, stared us all dead in the eye, and took a shit in our flower bed.

We all know who the bitch is here.

In fairness, I’d say that big ginger bastard could beat me in a fight too.

6. He won’t wear his bandana

He cares little about how cute it is.


His lack of sartorial awareness breaks my heart.

7. Verbal harassment if I don’t immediately pay attention

“Oh you want to have a conversation with one of your housemates? THINK AGAIN.”

8. Ignoring every toy he’s been bought

In lieu of scrunched up bits of paper. That was €100 well-spent.

First and last time he played with this.

His favourite toys are dead things.

9. Knocking the TV over

We were watching the Eurovision when Oliver straight-up body-slammed the telly.

10. Helping when I do stuff on my computer

Somehow he often manages to arrange his little foot-beans so as to push the exact combination of keys required to turn the screen at a right angle.

This is what helping looks like.

The shorthand to fix that is CTRL + ALT + LEFT. This was new to me.

11. Attacking my toes

All the time. God forbid I dare to move them during the night.

12. Putting his little arse right in my face

Thank you for spreading your poo-germs. Really appreciate it. A+ catting.

13. Only cuddling when he wants to

No snugs for you.

This is him when I last needed him. Ignoring me with all the grace of a Caravaggio.

Sometimes he’ll look like he wants cuddles, but will do a last second pivot.


14. He put a mouse in my bed

This is an extension of point one, but it was traumatic enough to warrant another mention on this list.

Also, 23 is a lot.

15. He steals food

Even when he has his cat food in his bowl, he will go hardcore for butter.

Ollie really likes butter.

16. He’s training me and not vice-versa

I tried; I really did.

“Das cute how you say I’m not allowed in your bed.”

Essentially, I live in his world.

17. He tries to eat buttons

Also string-ties on pyjamas. Human clothes are not sacred.

18. Kneading strafes the line between cute and painful

Like, can you please put your very sharp, very pointy little claws away?

19. One time he got in the washing machine

Who even knows. Also please ignore the dirt on the washing machine. That is gone now. I swear.


20. Another time he got stuck in a press and was too afraid to jump down

“Please help.”

Another time he got stuck behind the toilet and nearly clawed me to death when I tried to help.

21. He knows exactly how to woo me with his cuteness

I mean seriously.

That middle pic is my screensaver.

That says a lot about me.

22. His dissatisfaction is such that he has turned to drink

“I only drink Grey Goose.”


23. He knows I would never get rid of him

Little shit or not, he’s still mine.

In summary: I know the pain of raising a child who doesn’t love me.

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